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They both lie in the same house for interment; and the son and daughter are dangerously ill from the shock they have felt on the unfortunate occasion. At St Leonard's, West Malling, Kent, Francis Hubble DOUCE, Esq., one of the Magistrates of that county. Sir Charles married, in 1844, Jane, eldest daughter of Edward Armitage, Esq., of Farnley Hall, Yorkshire, and leaves issue. - 8th, drowned off Margate, accidentally, Thomas George, aged 23, only son of Thomas BEAVER, of Brixton, formerly of Jermyn-street, S. His remains were interred in Margate Cemetery on the 17th. - 19th, at Essex Cottage, Fairlight Down, the residence of her son-in-law, Sarah, widow of John KNOTT, of Ramsgate, Kent aged 79. - 17th, at The Vale, Ramsgate, Maria, widow of Jno. On Wednesday, Charles RALPH, aged forty-six, a signal-man in the employ of the South-Eastern Railway Company, was found dead upon the Sand Street crossing of the North Kent line, at Woolwich. SUTHERLAND, it was stated, was born at Sheerness in April, 1789. JENINGS, George Thomas, South-house, Faversham, Kent, salesman, died Feb. Claims to Frederick Johnson, Faversham, Sol., by Sept. NETTLEINGHAM, Frederic Beckley, Town Flour Mills, West-st., and Seckley, Overcliffe, Gravesend, miller, died May 3. BIDWELL - May 5, at Berristead, Lansdowne-road, Tunbridge Wells, Sarah Muriel BIDWELL, third daughter of the late Charles BIDWELL, Esq., of Ely, Cambs., aged seventy-two. His senior officer speaks of him as a "...personal loss. He served in the South African War with Lord Compton's Horse and was invalided home with enteric fever. He joined the Observatory in 1841, and was attached to the Astronomical Department until 1874, having during the preceding 18 years been in charge of the chronometric and electric branch. After only three years practise, he put on a special performance for the Duke of Windsor.

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We had to kick him out becuase he brought in his own Patron. No matter where they went in the country, this was their hangout. The menu is at least 20 pages and these guys would order 2 things from each page.