Whos tommy dating in corrie

Meanwhile, Ryan has been single since his split from girlfriend Lana Martin last September, he began dating marketing consultant Lana in February last year.

I’ve always known in my head-space why a prominent lesbian relationship on a 50-year-old soap is a Big Deal, but I don’t think I ever really understood it in my heart-space until Sophie and Sian returned from their recent hiatus and I found myself sighing into their warm Mancunian embrace. ” Sian wants to know whose car he stole, and Sophie says, “You do understand the concept of Sian being my girlfriend, right?

And no doubt she’ll be supported by her longterm boyfriend…

Meanwhile, Gary told Faye that Nicola moving in with Pat was the only way to keep Seb safe until Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) was released from prison.

Corrie's Brooke Vincent has really made a name for herself as Sophie Webster on the ITV soap.

Last time we saw these two muff-monkeys, Tommy Duckworth had come to town and barked up the wrong lesbian. ”One thing I love about Sian in the deepest place of my heart is how Sophie’s whole protective/jealousy thing just makes her giggle.

Sophie threatened to chop off his balls if he made another pass at Sian, so everyone thought particular shenanigan was over. Sian comes into Roy’s for breakfast, and Tommy cuddles right up to her at the counter while Jason and Tyrone watch in bewilderment. Tommy: [Returns from flirting with Sian] It’s in the bag, that. She always grins and raises her eyebrow at the object of Sophie’s wrath when she senses it coming, like, “Maybe stop waving your blood red flag in front of the raging bull, mate.” Sophie’s like, “I mean, Sian can do what she wants; she doesn’t need my permission to get into a car with you.” And Sian squeals and kisses her because yeah, she totally does.