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She had to admit that the blouse she had chosen may have been a little tighter than she thought, looking down to notice that her heaving DD breasts were almost fit to burst out if she inhaled too deeply. It made her nervous; she had never been comfortable around men without the presence of other women but didn't know why.Even the secretary at the desk in the corridor with them was male, although she could tell that she was definitely not his type.Her suit was smart and perfectly black, she had a well fitted jacket and pencil skirt that hugged her curves all the way around.Her blouse was crisp and white; it gleamed against the darkness of her suit. She could see them glancing over at her, their eyes wandering over her legs trying to sneak a look higher up her skirt.She too wore a smart dark suit and skirt combo, her jacket was lined in light baby pink and down at her feet were a matching pair of stilettos. Because as my assistant, you will be required to accompany me on meetings and business trips, and if I have no drinking partner it might get a bit boring." She laughed, leaning forward and smiling at Eva.Her skin was smooth and warm in colour but she seemed pale in comparison to Eva. Eva could not believe how casual this interview was, and was becoming more excited about fun this job sounded. I can't believe how perfect you managed to get it tied back though!She wore light make-up with a pink lipstick matching her outfit almost perfectly in hue. " "Spirits I guess, I don't mind wine, but only rose or white. They both began chatting to each other across the desk, discussing everything from their aspirations in life to their lifestyle. I always have loose strands flying everywhere when I try to do it." sighed Eva.Although she lacked the full impressive curves of Eva's body, her push up bra made what she had look just as good, her breasts and cleavage were amplified even more by the low buttoning of her blouse. They were both sat relaxed and comfortable as they joked about their idea of a nightmare interview when Abby let down her hair. "It's just practice I guess." Abby paused momentarily.

Now I've got a couple of questions for you if that's ok? "Sure" Eva replied eagerly, leaning forward in her chair. "I don't have a problem," she assured Abby, "although it sure looks like it, ha-ha!Eva was certainly the hottest applicant of the day; in fact she was the only one that had caught Abby's eye. Abby coughed and spluttered on her drink as she tried to swallow and laugh at the same time.Eva hurriedly put down her drink and futilely tried to put the button back onto her blouse.I just started with one or two bottles then decided to make it into a collection." Abby sat back down in her seat, poured the two of them a glass and passed one to Eva.As the glass passed hands, Eva's fingers brushed lightly against Abby's causing a fluttering in her heart and sending a pleasant shiver through her body. Each took a mouthful of the cool crisp wine, as Eva lowered her glass she sighed deeply in relaxation and popped the already struggling button on her blouse containing her bountiful breasts. " squeaked Eva in embarrassment as her button pinged onto the desk.