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At its height the depot employed 400 permanent workers who were housed within the Ministry of Defence's town infrastructure.

The site also had its own 2 ft 6ins narrow gauge railway.

For the record, when the GWR introduced depot codes in 1910 Llantrisant was coded LTS.

Then in 1932 a separate code for accountancy purposes was introduced and under this new system Llantrisant became No 86, the last digit '6' indicating that it belonged to the Newport division.

Note the difference in bunker size between 5616 and the Collett 72XX class 8F 2-8-2T behind it.

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At 18 he applied for a Class 4 Signalman's job, and due to shortages was allowed to jump one class, starting as a Class 3 signalman at Jersey Marine Jnct South signal box.

Coded 87D under BR, it had an allocation of 35 tank locos made up of 2-8-2Ts and 2-8-0Ts which were employed on the heaviest coal trains originating from the South Wales coalfield, though they were often seen further afield in England.

The rest were made up of 0-6-2Ts, 0-6-0Ts and 0-4-0Ts: the shed closed in June 1964.

(Left Top) Sporting a Danygraig (87C) shedplate on the smokebox door, Class 3F 0-4-0T No 1105 was one of six engines (Nos 1101-6) built by Avonside Engine Co based on a design to GW requirements for dock shunting.

Introduced in 1926, No 1105 is still going strong on 14th March 1957.