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Both boys had gotten the group text during the last weeks of the semester and both had enthusiastically agreed.They were all exhausted from an invigorating third year of tackling the world, and spending three days in the grasp of Vegas's desert debauchery seemed like just the sort of medicine to turn off their brains for a bit.They'd all spent countless nights growing up like this and it would've been a waste of money to do separate rooms.As soon as they arrived at the hotel, Jenny had excused herself to a side bathroom in the lobby while the boys took care of getting the room cards and checking in."There are over 170,000 currently active words in the English language..we're stooping to 'friendcation' before we've even started the heavy drinking I shudder to think at how far we'll fall." The friends laughed at that and quickly caught up after seeing each other for the first time in months.The end of the semester had been cruel to all of their schedules and their dialogue had existed mostly in the worlds of text and social networking.The flight flew by faster than it would have normally thanks to the easy comfort they felt with each other.

Growing up, her house was directly in between both Noah's and Elijah's.It didn't take long for all of the old jokes and barbs and comfort to fall back into place.Good friendships are like good books—easy to pick back up even when you've been away for a while.They saw each other when they could, usually over quick lunches or on the weekends.Jenny's on-campus dorm was walking distance from Noah's apartment so they occasionally found themselves catching a movie during a cancelled class or just generally wasting away the occasional lazy Sunday in the service of bad background television while they worked on various homework projects and upcoming projects.