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They hired Matt Greenhalgh, who is from Manchester, to adapt it.There were so many great men on this movie, I have to say, and they all have these interesting partners.It’s 1978 London, they’re in a boardinghouse, and Turner’s 26 years old. As the film progresses and Graham gets closer to death (she died in 1981), it is Turner she turns to, to spend some of her last days with him at his home in Liverpool.Director Paul Mc Guigan takes us on the journey of these two lovers showing us how the affair progressed.To that we can say she did an excellent job in choosing Turner.Kudos also to Mc Guigan’s ability to share a look into these memoirs with a soft-eyed, yet fiercely idealistic, story.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actress Annette Bening talked about just how long ago this film first came her way, why this story appealed to her, feeling nervous on every project she works on, why Gloria Grahame is such an interesting woman, and how easy it was to work and collaborate with co-star Jamie Bell.

In the end, we see the strength of their short affair since it was Turner that Graham chooses to spend her final days with instead of her own family.

Mc Guigan does a good job of bringing Turner’s memories to the big screen, based on Turner’s 1986 book.

Indeed, even film stars must die, and they must die somewhere.

It is heartwarming to see how Graham insisted on playing by her own rules and starring in the final chapter of her life her own way, carefully choosing her own lead characters.