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But the ‘Ndrangheta is also present in turbulent Pakistan offer treatment cocaine trafficking to Europe, whereas in Turkey gangs Aquino, Papalia, Paviglianiti and D’Agostino control the heroin trade and have a close relationship with the , the turkey’s powerful mafia that deals with transportation and importation of drugs.In Thailand, these are men of Bastoni and Ianni who traffic cocaine. Milano offers a map of the global presence that the ‘Ndrangheta has developed. It starts from Belgium where there are the gangs of Ascona and Bellocco.The map is based on the last report of the Carabinieri in Reggio Calabria. Families active in Bruxelles especially in money laundering and drug trafficking.In the Russian capital’s ‘ndrine bought real estate, banks, hotels, casino, businesses and dealing with money laundering and counterfeiting of rubles and dollars.According to the report 2010 of the policemen, France with the cities of Clermont Ferrand, Marseille, Nice, Toulon, Toulouse, and the entire area of the Costa Azzurra, is a privileged area for the purchase of property, money laundering and trafficking in cocaine in alliance with the clans in Marseilles.

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While in neighboring Syria are the leaders of the clan Di Giovine and Morabito to control the market of .

The commodities market is at the center of infiltration in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) to extract coltan, a mineral used in the very expensive nanotechnology.

Are not because the ‘ndrangheta handle the traffic of radioactive materials along with the local crime clan.

Many of the families present, the Barbaro Papalia, Sergi, Perre, Trimboli, Viola, Musitano, Zappia, the same rooted in the province of Milan, to the thighs Condello, Alvaro, Agresti, Giorgi, Ielasi, Romeo, Polifroni, Polimeni , Rizzotti, Tremarchi. The presence of the Calabrian clan then focuses on the American continent in Canada, where – it is no accident – in August 2008 he captured the fugitive Giuseppe Coluccio.

The boss of Marina di Gioiosa Ionica was arrested at Toronto, but the calabrian ndrine are also present in areas of Montreal, Ontario, Vancouver, Vaughan, Hamilton, British Columbia and Quebec.