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Strontium is extracted in many minerals that are formed early, whereas rubidium is gradually concentrated in the final liquid phase.

At the time of crystallization, this produces a wide range in the Rb/Sr ratio in rocks that have identical − 1).

The other name it has had was between the years of 1924 to 1991 when it was called Leningrad, which it was renamed after Lenin's death.

The city has over 230 places associated with Lenin.

St Petersburg is rich in history and contains many beautiful and historic buildings.

For an isochron to be valid, each sample tested must (1) have had the same initial ratio, (2) have been a closed system over geologic time, and (3) have the same age.Named after Tsar Alexander I, who was tsar during the French invasion of Russia under Napoleon, the column was built to commemorate the victory over the French.Sr) was the first widely used dating system that utilized the isochron method.Strontium and rubidium are extracted and loaded into the mass spectrometer, and the values appropriate to the , the data are examined to assess how well they fit the required straight line.Using estimates of measurement precision, the crucial question of whether or not scatter outside of measurement error exists is addressed.