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First of all, if the lens is dirty, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it clean.

i have a logitech one and it has no lights so i use a lamp.. I believe you want to make your webcam photos sharp.

If after you adjust focus, your webcam still doesn't give you the sharpness that you are looking for, then you need a better webcam.

Most webcams do not provide very good photo/video quality.

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Most webcams allow you to adjust focus by turning the front lens element.

Turn the lens element until your video feed becomes sharp (most "clear").

Scammers may use carefully prepared webcam images or footage of themselves which may initially seem flattering, but can increasingly become coercive and explicit.Be advised that there are situations where one lamp may not be enough light for others to see you properly.I use 3 lights & get excellent compliments concerning my video. Thanks tasha Anonymous Sun, 0000 it all depends on the distance folks.If I adjust the distance of the camera plus the magnifying lens just right, I can get a crystal clear image. Unknown Wed, 0400 The magnifying glass comment above is the best one so far if you want to save money.It will work for verification apps and can save you some frustration.