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by This is the Mac version of Family Tree Maker 2008 to 2014 by It includes a Windows-based conversion tool to allow you to import files from Family Tree Maker 2008 or newer.I feel completely let down by by Ancestry who have told me to get in touch with Mackiev as I pointed out to them the contract is between ancestry and Me and they should sort it out Biggest Pro: there isn’t one Biggest Con: The biggest con is that it is a con It is the most initiative bit of software I have ever used.I’m not sure if it is any better on a Windows computer, but this is awful.I tried my Security software program (called them to check) and that is not the problem. I began using Family Tree Maker (FTM) years before it was owned by Ancestry then upgraded to FTM by Ancestry after they purchased the product for portability reasons to sync with because my laptop is a PC & desktop a Mac.I would export a GEDCOM file from REUNION when I had major updates and upload it to than sync it into FTM on my PC making my tree portable.Trust me, I never would have spent the money to upgrade had I known either of these things b/c, bottom line, I have always found FTM inherently counterintuitive and difficult to use.

Ever since I downloaded latest version, the tabs on FTM no longer work, and most recently, the internet connection to Ancestry, no longer works. After a 20 minute on hold for customer service, I was then told to read an article for problem solving. They said it was protocol and if article step-by-step instruction did not help, to call them back (another 20 minute wait). My main genealogy database has always been and will likely remain ‘REUNION’ for Mac’s only.Use this page to review the Ancestry version of the program. I bought it because I was tired of manually updating my great Reunion program from my online Ancestry Tree.Unsupported • Mac • Full Featured • Builds Website I found that FT worked well syncing on fairly small trees, but my two large trees were badly damaged.I figured now, almost 8 years later, they’d finally have their act together.I have tried multiple syncs (again on only 2 small trees, thank goodness) and still NO Media transfer whatsoever!

Updating software on mac