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Campus Robledo Robledo Also called core or more colloquially as the School of Mines, is located northwest of the city of Medellin, Robledo neighborhood is composed of three fields separated by Kr 80, which presents a difficult high traffic pedestrian connection between the properties that make up the physical structure of the School of Mines, and Ingeominas, recently integrated into the University.

It has an area of 100,978.69 m² .14 In 1886, the School of Mines was created and it was joined to the University in 1936, today is the National School of Mines and has approximately 3,500 students.

The construction began in 1935, under the government of Alfonso López Pumarejo.It highlights the Museum of Geosciences, Maximum classroom buildings (block M5) and M3 block designed by Master Pedro Nel Gomez School of Mines in 1936.Declared National Monument in 1994 thanks to its architecture and its murals by the same Pedro Nel Gómez.The buildings were constructed as prismatic blocks, and painted white, in order to give an austere and clean look.Some landmarks in the campus are the León de Greiff Auditorium, and the Francisco de Paula Santander Plaza, also known unofficially as the "Central Plaza" or the "Ché Plaza", in honor of Ernesto el Ché Guevara.