Who are the stars of gossip girl dating

ossip Girl star Ed Westwick raped her, adding to the growing list of Hollywood men recently accused of sexual harassment and assault.

The alleged incident took place three years ago, at Westwick's house.

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So, I've got a bit, but you know, we might do one more year, we might. I get to do a job which is brilliant and I am so so happy and so blessed and just take it as it comes.

), and explaining what Twitter is all about, Ed agreed to try Twitter out for a week and see how it goes. Also, if you are not following me on Twitter (@kristindsantos), such a shame, because you missed this very important "Exclusive!

His one concern: "How do people even know you are there?

bad boy dropped so much Chuck and Blair goodness, you probably should have a defibrillator standing by.

Particularly when he starts talking about his feelings for Leighton, how long he'll stay on the series, and ripping his romantic rival apart.