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Like magic I had reasonable cable for quite a while. Let’s get this old system upgraded to todays standards.

I was told to call him directly with any issues,then the tech gave me his personal #. When will we all get the service that we should pay the .00 a month for?

With that kind of money I would think they could update are boxes!!! Reply A simple item that regulates signal during temperature change is all we need. gets to around zero,sound breaks up,then the pic breaks up,then for the rest of the night till the sun warms things up to above zero, I get the off air please check back later screen. I call and tell them this,and they say,you have a tech coming on the 5th.

Yesterday, I called back to confirm installation and switching TV service.

I was first connected to Billing who then transferred me to Sales (Vanessa) who then eventually transferred me back to Billing to a gentlemen who did not identify himself.

Both the Time Warner and Bright House names will be eliminated over the next few years, with all services to take on the Charter and Spectrum name.

After this latest acquisition, Charter Communications currently provides cable television, high speed internet and phone service to over 25 million Americans in 41 states.