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I deleted my OKCupid account immediately after recording the episode. When I’m browsing, swiping and texting with strangers, I’m not actually doing the things that bring me joy or productivity.

I really enjoy going to restaurants, cooking, taking day trips, exercising, reading, and spending time with friends.

My friends and I joke that we’ve played out the entire relationship and have seen the joys and problems even before a second date.

This simply takes up too much space in my heart and head.

After all these dates, I eventually met “someone” and had a relationship that I thought was “it.” Well, another break-up ensued and some friends encouraged me to date online again.

I learned that everyone is on Hinge and Tinder and so I joined both.

Online dating is usually based on messaging and often does not progress to phone calls or in-person dates.

How can we really get to know each other through texts?

But Hinge seemed a little better — it’s an app that connects people’s mutual friends.Given that modern dating apps don’t really have “profiles” anymore, I had to create an OKCupid profile for “research.” I uploaded a few recent pictures and wrote a brief profile. I found a couple of funny, well-written profiles and also some really bad ones for the podcast. It also means I’m looking down at a little screen while thinking of something friendly, enticing, and flirty to say.Driving to record the podcast, I reflected on the last six weeks of dating and realized that my heart is not in it. Writing all of these messages back and forth doesn’t guaranty a date; in 2015, most people don’t want to talk on the phone so it ends up becoming a text- penpal relationship.Checking the apps and waiting for messages, getting my hopes up, or feeling disappointed is too volatile.I get wrapped up in these actions far too early (sometimes without even having met the person).