Dave salmoni dating now when ex starts dating

By episode 4, I remember getting a phone call from the network, like, "Dave, you know that whole idea where you weren't going to shave or cut your hair?

We need to trim that thing."You've posed for your share of beefcake photos in the last few years.

But you're right — sometimes you'll get the very polite gay man who wants a picture with you and says, "I think you're cute." And then others just grope you []. Finally, settle a hot topic that's up for much debate on various nature-lover's message boards: Could you kick the asses of wildlife TV personalities Jeff Corwin and Bear Grylls?

We've all heard about the gay penguins, but have you identified homosexual behavior in lions or any other animals you've worked with? But that's probably not the same community you're talking about []. As a tag team, if they both had really big weapons, they might have a chance.

How do you feel about so much attention being placed on your looks?

I used water cans as weights and tree branches for chin-ups. I see you've shaved your leonine beard since leaving the bush. Halfway through the show, you'll notice that it takes a taming too.

I read lots of books where, you know, one guy takes on the whole world — spy-type books where a superhero comes in, saves the world, and gets the girl.

A wonderful book I read twice while I was out there was Anthony Kiedis's which is about Ewan Mc Gregor's little motorcycle trip.

What do you think about Animal Planet's "Salmoni Showers with Lions" promotional video on You Tube? The first thing I thought when I saw it was, And it's true. I get lots of e-mails from them, and they're not shy.

I'll sit on Twitter and a bunch of people will be like, "I love it." Then others will be laughing, like, "Come on! I actually first discovered you when posted your shower video earlier this week. I'm really conscious of it, and I think it's awesome. A young girl may say, "Hey, I really like you, you're kinda cute," whereas a gay guy will be like, "Hey, take your shirt off more and you'll get better ratings."Do you have any gay friends in your pride?