Dave salmoni dating now

How do you feel about so much attention being placed on your looks?I was very bashful about it when it started because I definitely grew up in the background; I was never the good-looking guy in the group.In 1998, Dave Salmoni began his career as an animal trainer at Bowmanville Zoological Prak.However, he left Canada for South Africa as a part of the controversial Tiger ‘rewilding’ project in 2000.

His father was a chemical engineer and mother was a competitive figure skating coach.At that time, he was attacked by one of his trained big cats named Bongo.Dave Salmoni has also produced and hosted several television documentaries including ‘Sharks: Are They Hunting Us?When people talked about it at first, I didn't know how to respond to it.Now, if people are going to talk about me in that way, I think it's awesome and superflattering — and hey, maybe I'll get a date out of it.