How do you know when to start dating after divorce

Max was becoming more and more irritated, and then, one day, his wife said the words that horrified him.They were sitting in the dining room, Max was very tense and didn’t expect anything good.Imagine, your phone rings, you look at the screen and see that it is HER! You know what she wants to talk about and where the conversation will go.Your wife will say: These techniques are based on female psychology. “Some time ago,” he said, “I felt that something had changed, but didn’t try to do anything about it.Every woman acts according to her instincts, so her behavior is very easy to predict.You have to understand that women often say one thing, while wanting another.She will fall in to another relationship soon enough, and will sleep with another man.

It’s a lot easier for women to find a sexual partner, because they are always surrounded by men who are willing to be there, to give a shoulder to cry on.

You most likely had serious arguments, after which you forgave each other.

Sometimes, arguments lead to the demise of a relationship, though.

It felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

He tried to understand what his wife was saying, but couldn’t.