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First, she dated Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who is 13 years older than she.Martin and Lawrence’s on-again, off-again relationship has been officially off since August 2015.A year later, in 2015, Lawrence finally spoke up about the gender pay gap in a Lenny Letter.Since then, she’s been more vocal about her political opinions. She’s also expressed her outrage about white supremacy.But, at 27 years old, she became embroiled in another romance with a much-older man — her , 48-year-old Darren Aronofsky.On the one hand, Lawrence owes approximately nothing to her fans as far as her love life is concerned, and she’s obviously free to date whoever she wants.In a 2016 interview on The intense backlash toward Lawrence after her butt-scratching incident may have felt like it came a bit out of left field.But it was hardly the first time the actress has said or done something that could be categorized as problematic.

That’s led some fans to believe that she has a problem with body-shaming.

To be fair, Lawrence also gone out of her way to show support for the LGBTQ community.

But as a figure that’s very much in the public eye, she could and likely should do more to make sure her off-the-cuff remarks are less insensitive. In 2014, the pair broke up, and Lawrence began what some fans believe to be a troubling trend.

But it took the actress a few years to find her inner Katniss Everdeen and start speaking up about the issues that matter to her.

In 2014, leaked emails revealed that Lawrence and her co-star Amy Adams were paid less than their male counterparts.