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His troublesome personality continued as he became a drug dealer, stole money and began hitting Amy.During 2009, Ste's persona improved when he became a single father to Lucas Hay (Jude) and Amy's daughter to a previous relationship, Leah (Jessica Croft-Lane) after she developed post-natal depression.Ste was created by David Hanson and was originally intended to be a short-term character for seven episodes.The following series producer Bryan Kirkwood decided to bring the character back on a permanent basis.

He bullied several of his peers, including Josh Ashworth (Sonny Flood), Jamie "Fletch" Fletcher (Sam Darbyshire) and Nicole Owen (Ciara Janson).It has been one of the popular soaps most riveting recent storylines.And Hollyoaks fans were given a shock twist in the Amy Barnes murder plotline as it was revealed her husband-to-be was the one with blood on his hands.Ste has been at the centre of several storylines including joyriding, domestic abuse, a baby kidnapping plot, drug dealing, HIV and a gay relationship.He was initially portrayed as a "bad boy" type character.