Three minute dating

25has been holding speed dating events in Vancouver since 2003.

Within that time, there have been many success stories. It took a girlfriend of mine a good few months and a lot of nagging to convince me to do it but finally I decided to take a chance and try something new.

(our engagement story appeared in The Province on November 21, 2003).

His claim to make the world's best lasagne may have closed the deal. She was also amused by his doodles of his nasty sporting injuries on a napkin.

The relationship blossomed and 20 days later, after a few glasses of wine, Miss Eversham told Mr Bassi that a psychic had told her a year earlier that she would meet, marry and have two children with a tall, 36-year-old man with an Italian connection, strong values but not much hair. The couple's understandable enthusiasm for speed dating is shared by growing numbers of Britons.

The phenomenon, an American import, took off among young, wealthy and time-poor Londoners early last year.

2004 asked me to marry on Easter weekend...we are a success story for you! " Pamela - Vancouver So if you haven't already, now is as good a time as any, to try speed dating Vancouver and see if you may find the one you are looking for.

Thanks:-)" Wendy - Vancouver "I have been to one of your events, several years ago, matched, dated and recently married." Marcy and Alan - Vancouver "I participated in one of your events in Vancouver and one of the men I met that night and I will be getting married February 14, 2004!

first date panic attacks, my pessimistic view on how things are going(“I think he’s going to break up with me? ” “There is absolutely no reason”), the fact that I will not call him my boyfriend until I have to(nicknames like “the boy” and “that guy” are some of my original ones)and the newest one- I don’t know if we are at the “you can see me eat” stage. I left the decision of where we were going to go up to him. He made reservations at a restaurant and now I had to deal with my second date terror and him knowing that I eat. I don’t know if everybody knows this, but alcohol helps you loosen up. I never got the rom-com Movie and Dinner story line. Nothing gets stuck in your teeth from drinking gin.

Especially if I actually had fun again(oh, the horrors). Eating is not something I think of when I think of being attractive.