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The ancients knew that the world was an oblate spheroid of rotation and they knew that the Earth orbited the Sun.The megalithic people used 366 days for a year, which is more accurate than the 365-day Julian calendar introduced by Julius Caesar.When the Naga stirs the mountains will shake and terrible destruction will occur on earth.Representation of Sleeping Naga on World Map Representation of Sleeping Naga on NASA Tectonic Activity Map The head of the Naga lies in southern Europe.Alaise remained an important Druidic spiritual site until the final battle to defend it against the Romans in about AD 47.The Auvergnat chief, Vercingetorix fought Julius Cesar in the final Battle of Alesia on the plains around Alaise.This was the last of the Druidic culture in Europe defending a very sacred site.Alaise lies in the heart of the Jura Mountains which is near the beginning of a vast series of Fold Mountains ranging from southern Europe, across the Middle-East, northern India, Burma and all the way down Sumatra and the Indonesian archipelago.

As a result the lines were nicknamed the “salt lines”.

It was not until Alan Butler placed a template using the 366-degree world that an extraordinary match to key sites occurred.

The ancients new exactly what the circumference of the world was!

Strangely Guichard tried to plot the various points found on the radial lines from Alaise along longitudes and latitudes, but always found a discrepancy.

He assumed that the ancient people underestimated the circumference of the Earth.