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Mrs Krystosek said: 'The doctor came in to the hospital room and said "I need you to sit down". Levi said: 'I actually have to go to a couple of doctors for different things like to my eye doctor in Birmingham because I can only see out of this eye and then I go to Chicago and the children's hospital there.'The family have had to fly back and forth to various specialists across the country all of Levi's life.

And he sat me down and he told me that Levi had Jansen's.'I was relived to have knowledge of what he had. Thanks to a charity called Miracle Flights they've been able to afford the multiple trips.

Shocked relatives of the pair, including Zeb's parents, sat in silence in the public gallery as Knight's counsel David Bright claimed she was also one of Zeb's victims and that she was following orders as his slave because of his 'evil and malign influence'.

The judge ordered Zeb and Knight sign the sex offenders register and be banned from contact with children.

Levi said: 'How it makes me different from the other kids at school is I can't play contact sports.'His mother, Dona, added: 'He is not allowed to jump. When he started school, Levi, who can only see out of one eye, failed Kindergarten twice and was put into a special needs class.

'JMC is an extremely rare form of skeletal dysplasia.He also banned them from using the internet on a computer not fitted with police monitoring software.More private amateur porn from our beautiful visitors 1.'But then it made me sad because the more that the doctor explained what was going to happen, it was hard. When we found out that Levi had Jansen's I wanted to know what caused it? On his latest visit to the Nemours Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, Levi was fitted with a back brace to help to try and straighten out his spine.If the brace is successful it could help add crucial inches to Levi's height.