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Since users won't have to type in data manually, the spreadsheet will be faster to use, and there's a much lower chance that someone can introduce an error.

Depending on what spreadsheet program you're using, the process of adding data validation will vary.

The simplest way to create a drop down list in Excel using data validation is to type in the values.

To create a drop down list, simply use the ‘Data’ - ‘Validation’ menu option in Excel 2003 or click on the ‘Data’ tab on the ribbon and then ‘Data Validation’ in Excel 2007 and later.

To use this option, while you are one the ‘Settings’ tab on the data validation options box, select a range of cells from any sheet in the workbook.

You can choose any one dimensional range – cells in either a row or in a column.

The drop down list can be created by typing in a set of values, using a range of cells or by writing a formula in the data validation option box. You can go to Invoice, Part 1: Free Shipping if you'd like to start from the beginning.Once you've downloaded our spreadsheet, open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet application.But before we do this, we'll actually need to name the cell range first.Naming cell ranges is one way to keep track of important cell ranges in your spreadsheet.