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He was very adamant it was his car an was almost annoyed with me, probably thinking I was a nutcase.'Colin ended up realizing his car was parked right next to Tiffany's, which was blocking the view to his own vehicle.What could have been just a confusing parking kerfuffle turned into something more when Tiffany jokingly volunteered to keep Colin's shopping.'After the mix-up, I felt awkward and wanted to break the silence so said, "You can leave your groceries though, I'll take those" and kind of laughed,' she said.'His response?"Only if you're going to make me dinner with them" with a smirk on his face.'That response caught Tiffany off guard, but both of them laughed and after two weeks of texting Tiffany ended up welcoming Colin into her home for dinner.She had taken care to inform her roommate, who was going to be at work at the time, of the upcoming date, and had asked her to call at a specific time to make sure Tiffany was all right.'Even though I invited him over to my place, I wanted some escape route in place in case he was weird or I was uncomfortable,' Tiffany said.To run for the Florida State Senate, candidates must be 21 years old, have lived in Florida for two years and live in the district they intend to serve.The Florida legislature is one of 15 state legislatures with term limits.The first year that the term limits enacted in 1992 impacted the ability of incumbents to run for office was in 2000.

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Annette Taddeo won with 51.0 percent of the vote, flipping the seat from Republican to Democratic control.If you wish to receive notifications whenever a Notice is submitted to the Department, you may sign up for our notification list below.Subscribe to Receive Notifications To view any notices that have been submitted under this statute, please click the link below.In the parking lot, Tiffany unlocked her white Jeep Cherokee from afar and was preparing to put her groceries inside when she noticed a stranger near her vehicle.Tiffany thought at first that someone was trying to steal her car, but told Daily she then noticed the man was busy loading his own shopping inside.