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There was no way to contact the gas people before then. Dad had been active in the church and he wasn’t the type to act one way in public and another way at home.

We had used a kerosene stove throughout the weekend. He had made sure we all took prayers, the Bible and everything else seriously. Peradventure you always wonder why Toke Makinwa attends all the social functions, parties and events, the reason is simple!

Tall, dark and handsome, and with a great body, Power was every girl’s dream.

And Maje looked just like him, down to the shaved head… He would send her flowers, buy her expensive gifts and use deep words like “Trust me.

So I finally got my copy of Toke Makinwa’s much anticipated ‘Tell it all’ story on Monday morning and yes, I was able to finish reading through the 112 pages in about two hours.

The guy didn’t even have the decency to take me to a quiet corner and break the news over a drink… Maje did resemble the dashing character Michael Power from the Guinness adverts of the early 2000s.

When the other help, Ruth, returned early that Monday morning, Grace didn’t pass on the information because they weren’t talking. So what was the purpose of religion if it could not even save its followers? It’s been part of her since her days of youthful exuberance!

A rivalry had developed between the two women and they stopped talking to each other. She was born into a Christian home but the death of her Parents took its toll on her; she didn’t heal from it on time. We had just finished morning devotion when the tragedy hit. “After my parents’ death I became a difficult child, open with my siblings but closed off to everyone else……. It meant newfound independence, and the truancy I had started in secondary school flourished.

Maje took off his shirt and gave it to me, to cover my hair so it wouldn’t get wet. We were lying in bed together and he said, “Can I make love to you? She and Maje had made their entrance together and had been all touchy-feely and kissing.

All this I heard from my cousin’s friend who had been at the party, and from friends who called me afterwards to ask where I had been while my man was with someone else.