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The booklet not only provides various tips on activities which can be used but also contains a range of tools which professionals can print out. This tool supports social workers to gain an understanding of a child’s or young person’s daily routine in an engaging way.The document contains 40 individual slips with various activities/feelings which a child is asked to sort out into three piles – every day, sometimes…Many women are not prepared for the emotional effects of divorce, especially if they are the one that initiated the separation and divorce.The so-called divorce support they receive from meaningful family and friends often wind up being an “ex” bashing session, which makes her feel worse about herself and her situation.With practice, the fears will dissipate and you will begin looking forward to a wonderful future.Anxiety and stress is a mixture of many negative emotions, including fear, guilt and anger.You may feel guilty that you have disrupted the home life of your children. Guilt focuses on past events, which are impossible to change.By learning to let go of the past, you are able to look to the future. Fear is one of the emotional effects of divorce that women feel in a variety of ways.

Though the emotional effects of divorce are many, allow yourself to feel each emotion separately. Schedule a complimentary “Getting Unstuck” call with Cindy and get some techniques on how you can deal with the pain of your specific challenges.Reduce stress by letting go of the fear and learning to deal with what is happening right this moment.Learn techniques to deal with anxiety such as deep breathing, meditating and exercising.Even though anger is one of the common emotional effects on divorce, holding onto pent up anger is not hurting your ex at all. You need to forgive him and yourself for the roles each of you played that lead up to the divorce.Forgiveness is the only thing that can set you free to build a happy and fulfilling life.