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Hackers can steal your static passwords a bunch of different ways; it’s easier than you might think.In 2012, password theft alone increased by 300% with identity theft going up by 33%.And no, Mom, it is a good idea to keep all your passwords saved in a list on your computer. But it’s much simpler and happens more often than you think.Here’s a breakdown of 5 ways hackers can get into your accounts: 1.Random strings of characters are the hardest thing for hackers to crack, and are the best way to have a different password on every website.“Unfortunately in today’s world, given the number of devices and the number of accounts we have, you need a system and a tool to do that,” says Schalit.These tools will look at your password usage across your various accounts, and not only tell you when you’ve used the same password twice, but also when they are overly simple and in-secure.And coming soon, Dashlane has a password changing tool which will allow users to swap out their tired old login information with new, secure strings with only a click.

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’ and our sweet hacker says to himself, ‘After I clear out this bank account you can, ha ha!

’ If you prefer to leave donations to hackers, feel free to skip authentication protection.

In fairness to him, he did not recommend his company’s service for this story, but I will.

Dashlane, like its competitors 1Password and Last Pass, collects and locks down users’ passwords in an encrypted database accessible by one password (or in the case of their i OS apps, a fingerprint on the Touch ID scanner).