Dd intimidating presence

This reason for this is because they are difficult to tank so they are easy targets and can be solo ganked by one pilot.You hardly ever see a Procurer or Skiff get ganked and if it happens then it takes a gank fleet, so that is why they are the better option.This should help to screen out those who just participated in wardecs.Oh BTW, if you’re the Lord Jasta listed above, you have 15 different kills of mining vessels from 8 or so different corporations in hi-sec so you stay on the list. Exipers 2015-03-30 Blarg……..” Just quit killing mining vessels in hi-sec and go after something more challenging and in a year or two you’ll be off the list.They attack helpless & unarmed mining vessels in Hi-Sec areas.

If you read the Eve killboards, these cowardly gankers always target Retrievers, Covetors, Mackinaws and Hulks.

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