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33 Institute of Medicine: Medical education and the aged.. J I'l'csit tent's nnnouncemcnts 41 ; • Jllcrtiou of furt'i;^n becroiary and four councilors 44 J'Jlt'Ct K Ul (if Il M'Illhor S 45 • Kk'i tion uf f"ici;i,ii associ.'ites_ 45 Report of the home secretary 45 V' .• Report ot the foreign secretary 45 Jieport of the treasurer 52 Report of the vice president 53 Report of the president 53 53 " Annual meeting scientific program 53 Act of incorporation 55 Ainendnieiits _ _ _ _ 5« Constitution.- 56 Bylaws 61 Uiganization of the National Academy of J? 316 Statements of income, expenses, and changes in fund balances 318 Notes to financial statemonts. Fixed income securities — consolidated fund 326 Common stocks — nonsolidated fund 328 Short-term investments S29 Equity in endowment and trust funds r--- ! And we have long discussed the potential merits of joint university-industry r^arch.

37 Appendix I: National Academy of Sci EWcgg A II nial meeting, 1978 • . ^i^9 Sources and purposes of trust and endowment funds 31^4 Expenditures by activity '6'S9 Appendix VI: Publications. But, for the nonce, I consider support of basic research in industrial laboratories to be an inappropriate course for the goyemment.

The others, in descending Older of seniority are ifarvey Fletcher, Walter Miles, Elvin Stalcman, Alex- ander Wetfnore, Jerome Hunsaker, Raymond Birge, Edwin Fred, and Will Rose.

Michael Heideibe^ ger will join that distinguished coni- pany on Saturday of this week.

Duncan Luce, Auembly of Behomoral utv Dir-ector of that agency.


The magnitude of this activity, in which each project requires an appropriate committee, will be evident from the fact that. Hie mean age of those appointed was 50.1 years, about as you might expect, but they ranged from 26 to 83 years of age.

From time to time you have received information concerning the specific subject matter under consideration by this large, diverse ap- T-»nratus.

The Council Committee on National Science Policy, chaired by Frank Westheimer, has several time B discussed this prohl Gin. We have just is^n^d the third in the new series of Annual Reports of the Xational Kesearch Couneil. ^Vfuch effort has pono into these Reports; I commend them to your attention and would wel- come your comments. Join now to enjoy exciting features offered by our site. To find and communicate people in your region: sign in, then set your preferences and use search form.