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The interviewer has raised Survival and Other Stories and how it was made through multiple online collaboration, to which Anderson said he has "5 hours of music", implying made in a similar way.He continued, "I'm waiting to decide how to release it [...] it's so much music and everything is so different.I think wed grown apart over the years, and when it came to the crunch, you know, business is more important and thats what they wanted to do. [...] Noting that a[...] reunion could happen if Yes ever makes it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [...] Anderson says hed be happy to sing with them again.As for a full reunion should it be offered, though, he demurs. There's more on the relationship between Anderson and Yes on the Yes page here.My idea of Yes is "Open" [see below] and what I'm doing now. [...] I still have a great feeling about the future of my idea of Yes music.I'm still committed to the wonderful Yes music we've created over the years. There's no reason why we shouldn't bury the hatchet, get together and make some music and do something very special for all the Yes fans around the world.As well as doing the big pieces I'm still writing [...] short songs, because I still love doing that kind of work as well. Ill probably tour with some groups of musicians, yeah. Ive worked with the young School Of Rock musicians Well, that's a good question, y'know, I got very sick in 2008 [...] they wanted to go on the road and do their thing.In a Jun 2012 interview, asked about arranging material for live work, Anderson had said: "If you try to do it like the band [Yes], then you've got to find a band [...] then you're pretending to be Yes, I don't want to do that." In a Jun 2011 interview, he had said: Ive had enough of bands. And I just thought, well, as long as they tell everybody who's in the band [...] and I'm not there and Rick's not there [...] for me, it's just a question of getting on with my life [] in fact, Ive started writing Yes music, which I never thought I would do, because when I was in the band, I would always save writing Yes music to...

They're just fun songs, crazy songs, sad songs, hope-for-peace songs. I did a concert with a group of musicians two years ago in Slovakia [...] Im doing other things with different bands.

A Mar 2014 interview said, "Just this past week, he received new music from friends in Poland, Italy and New York." In another that month, he said he is working on "a lot of different things this year [2014].

I'm in my 70th year so I always believed that 70 is going to be a strong momentum for the next 20 years." In an interview for Inside Musi Cast published in May 2016, Anderson talked about how Invention of Knowledge is "my next step into my next life, my next 20 years of music".

None of this going through a record company and hoping that they're going to promote it well, and so on and so on." Could this be a reference to the Zamran project (see below)?

In an Apr 2017 interview, Anderson said, "I'm just a workaholic when it comes to music.

Anderson south carolina ryan dating