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In summary, avoid Lima if: While I enjoyed my time here in Peru, it felt forced. A somewhat tumultuous relationship and the fact I put the city on a pedestal doomed my experience in many ways. Locals aren't quite as warm or friendly as in other countries I have been to. It pains me somewhat to admit this, but I wish I had spent these 6 months in Bogota instead.

I'd visited the city before and had a great time, so I had high hopes for living here. I won't say I'll never be back to Lima, but it would have to be under some pretty specific circumstances.

Exploring the city during my first few weeks here was extremely discouraging and left me wondering why the fuck I'd chose Lima. Don't get me wrong, it's still much cheaper than the United States, but by Latin American standards this is a relatively costly place to live.

That being said, if you're happy to confine yourself to 3 or 4 neighbourhoods, you can craft a very nice lifestyle for yourself. This wasn't a huge issue for me - like I said, it's still cheap - but the problem is that you don't get much value for that extra money.

My preferred spot is Calle Berlin, just off Parque Kennedy. If you're a decent looking guy using Tinder or Latin American Cupid down here, you can effortlessly set up a date for every night of the week and very likely bang 80-90% of these girls in a short period of time (1-3 dates).

I may or may not be doing this now myself for a bit of post-breakup degeneracy 😅.

Problem is, the quality of girls you find online down here who will be willing to meet up simply isn't great.

There aren't many parks in the city, there is no metro, most of the infrastructure is poor and many parts of the city are dangerous. If you want to meet hot, upper class Peruvian girls, go to a club called Mute instead. First off, I have to disclose that I was in a relationship for most of my time here (in which I was 90% faithful), so I didn't exactly tear it up.

By contrast, Mexico City is bigger, more modern, has many more parks and public spaces and an extensive metro system. I've kept it simple here with nightlife during my time here, so I don't have too many recommendations apart from:1) Get a flat in Miraflores walking distance from Calle Berlin2) Don't be a regular at Gotica or Calle de las Pizzas Girls in Lima: a controversial topic. That being said, at the risk of being called a pussy, I've been a tad depressed since the breakup so I've been doing my best to meet as many girls as possible. If you've done any travelling in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama or some parts of Mexico, you may be disappointed.