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By the end of the article you should have a very clear idea whether or not this is a place you'd like to check out. If you fly into Lima during the day, when you begin your descent into Jorge Chávez International Airport, you will get an aerial view of what may be the ugliest, most uninspiring city you have ever laid eyes on.

There are no two ways about it: Lima is a very unattractive metropolis. Don't get me wrong - the parts along the malecon with views of the Pacific Ocean are spectacular, and the neighbourhoods of San Isidro, San Borja and La Molina could easily be mistaken for American suburbs, but the rest of the city is terrible.

I'm not saying you shouldn't take normal precautions, but I am seriously impressed at how safe it is in my neighbourhood. Winter from May to November with mostly grey skies. But after having chatted briefly with a few expats here and also having been both single and in a relationship in the city, I think I've figured out who might enjoy Lima, and how to make the most out of the city.

Never gets excessively cold or hot, and never rains. Come to Lima if: Point is, Lima is a place to have fun for awhile, but it's not a great place to live longterm.

The weather in winter is depressing and 90% of the city is a shit hole.

It's important to keep this in mind because it's easy to forget when you're living in Miraflores. The foreigners that like Lima usually haven't travelled much in Latin America.

Same as anywhere else if you're going for top-quality. This one is true for the most part; girls here lack the fiery personalities typically associated with Latinas. On the flip side, they are very caring, warm and feminine.There aren't many parks in the city, there is no metro, most of the infrastructure is poor and many parts of the city are dangerous. If you want to meet hot, upper class Peruvian girls, go to a club called Mute instead. First off, I have to disclose that I was in a relationship for most of my time here (in which I was 90% faithful), so I didn't exactly tear it up.By contrast, Mexico City is bigger, more modern, has many more parks and public spaces and an extensive metro system. I've kept it simple here with nightlife during my time here, so I don't have too many recommendations apart from:1) Get a flat in Miraflores walking distance from Calle Berlin2) Don't be a regular at Gotica or Calle de las Pizzas Girls in Lima: a controversial topic. That being said, at the risk of being called a pussy, I've been a tad depressed since the breakup so I've been doing my best to meet as many girls as possible. If you've done any travelling in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama or some parts of Mexico, you may be disappointed.Either a business opportunity of some sort, or a chance to rent a killer flat with a few good friends in the summer months.Barring that, it's very likely that in a few short weeks I'll be saying goodbye to Lima forever.