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Sovremennyi brak i svad'ba sredi krest'yan Tambovskoi gubernii Elatomskogo uezda // Sbornik svedenii dlya izucheniya byta krest'yanskogo naseleniya Rossii (obychnoe pravo, obryady, verovaniya i pr.) M., 1889.

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, 106 Bezgin Vladimir Borisovich Doctor of History professor of the Department of History and Philosophy at Tambov State Technical University 392000, Russia, Tambov Region, Tambov, str.

The author studies the problem of suicide among the peasants and the attitude of rural population to the facts of euthanasia.

Mental illnesses in a Russian village were not common, mental disorder was seen as a phenomenon that violates the usual rules and can potentially be dangerous.

The article determines the level of spread of such crimes as infanticide and abortion in the Russian village, discloses its causes, nature and motives.

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The article shows different types of sexual crimes among Russian peasants, the motives and the extent of their expansion.

The author describes the criminal laws of the Russian Empire and the legal views of rural residents in respect of such crimes.