Dating lawyer pros cons

The point is that biomedical engineers require strong communication skills in the work environment; otherwise, they can't progress in the career.No healthcare provider would want to work with them.By contrast, communication is heavily emphasized for engineers in healthcare.The engineers and analysts have to work with healthcare providers: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, medical billing, MRI tech, hospital administrators, etc.This communication is a primary focus to ensure implementation and quality.

If you are an Indian and planning on marrying a doctor, you are not alone.

In short, we are not all that bad, some better than most. He has the mind of an engineer but the heart of an artsy. He has the mind of an engineer but the heart of an artsy.

Cons Sometimes he/she has the personalityof a protractor He/she makes obscure jokes about Star Trek,the periodic table, and other strange things you dont want to know about AND he thinks thats romance in unnessary Wont buy anything without completing acost/risk analysis When he does talk, you may have ahard time listening He/shes a dork Notoriously frugal. Poor communication depends on the type of engineer and individual. The #1 rule on our project is that we must collaborate effectively.

Well I may have less emotional way of thinking than rest of the population, but it doesn't make me a robot. OK, I do make an cost/enviromental benefit analisys before I buy anything.

We can't isolate ourselves in a cubicle like that nerd "Milton" on Office Space with a red stapler.