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See my cost of sex in Thailand article to know more about the pricing of such things.

Most bars regularly check their girls to ensure they are healthy and not carrying any STDs or HIV.

Most bars close at 2am and quite a lot of Pattaya bar girls will then move onto various clubs dotted around walking street.

Once there, you will not be required to pay the bar fine and chances are the rates you pay will be a lot cheaper too.

Tourists who are not interested in paying for sex or would like to catch themselves a none prostitute Pattaya girls do have a few options, but it’s not easy.

Girls who work in hotels, cafes and restaurants are your best bet to meet your everyday local girl.

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Nightclubs are not going to be your best bet to find none working girls, and just because a girl doesn’t tell you she is a prostitute, doesn’t mean she’s not.

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In short, you can use Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid, Cupid has more girls.