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After the death in battle in 634 of his cousin Oswald (1), who had united the two parts of Northumbria (Bernicia and Deira) into a single kingdom, Oswin returned to the North to be king of Deira, while his cousin Oswiu, who could not live peacefully with him, became king of Bernicia. From ancient times this Feast was especially venerated by pregnant women in Russia. 651), king of Deira in Northumbria 644–51 and venerated as a martyr. roughly the territory of the former county of Yorkshire), was killed by the pagan king Cadwalla in 634, Oswin went to the kingdom of Wessex (in southern England) for safety. A later tradition, which is unattested before the 14th century, identifies Pabo with the eponymous founder of St Pabo's Church, Llanbabo (at Llanbabo, Anglesey). In genealogical and literary sources, he is known by his epithet 'Post Prydain' meaning "the Pillar of Britain". But Oswiu, wishing to regain the land and power held by Oswald, quarrelled with Oswin and they raised armies against each other. Oswin's short reign and premature death were due to treachery and dynastic struggles; he was in fact the last king of Deira. Greatly loved by all, he ruled his province most successfully.The Seventy Disciples or Seventy-two Disciples (known in the Eastern Christian tradition as the Seventy Apostles) were early followers of Jesus mentioned in the Gospel of Luke 10:1-24. Some of Richard's relics were translated to Eichstätt where his son Willibald eventually became bishop. A modern icon at the monastery of the Holy Transfiguration in the U. Saint Cybi was known as Cybi Felyn (Cybi the Tanned), as he was tanned during his journey.

Welsh poet Lewis Morris reports that the memorial cross was discovered there around 1650.In Western Christianity it is usual to refer to them as Disciples while in Eastern Christianity they are usually referred to as Apostles. Ananias, who baptized Paul, and was bishop of Damascus. Thus, he was known as Seiriol Wyn (Seiriol the Fair).Using the original Greek words, both titles are descriptive as an apostle is one sent on a mission whereas a disciple is a student, but the two traditions differ on the scope of the word apostle. Rhyd-y-Saint railway station (English: Ford of the Saints railway station) on the Red Wharf Bay branch line near Pentraeth, was named so as Seiriol and Cybi are said to have met there. The genealogies give a him both a royal line of descendants, namely as the father of Dunod Fawr, Sawyl Penuchel and Ardun Benasgell, and a saintly one, as the grandfather of Deiniol, Asaph and Tysilio. Later Welsh genealogies insert two generations between Pabo and Cenau by making the former a son of Arthwys ap Mar ap Cenau ap Coel, but this presents chronological problems.