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You should make sure that each function is syntactically correct or you cannot save or use the formula.You can nest functions, meaning that you use the results from one function as an argument of another function.You can use Formula Auto Complete in the middle of an existing formula with nested functions.The text immediately before the insertion point is used to display values in the drop-down list, and all of the text after the insertion point remains unchanged.

For more detailed information, see Measures in Power Pivot.

If you include the Power Pivot table in a Pivot Table (or Pivot Chart), the calculated column can be used as you would any other data column.

The formulas in calculated columns are much like the formulas that you create in Excel.

Power Pivot, like Excel, provides a formula bar to make it easier to create and edit formulas, and Auto Complete functionality, to minimize typing and syntax errors.

To enter the name of a table Begin typing the name of the table.