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It's true that we live in a golden age for flirting with strangers.Just when you’re getting sick and tired of hearing about the likes of Tinder and Grindr a new app blows in, offering the same cruising-for-compliments excitement with an added dash of cartoon cats: meet Meow Chat.The first is that it is a psychological phenomenon caused when people convince themselves their old phone is slow in comparison to the latest devices, and this could help them justify buying a new one.Last year, a study appeared to back up claims Apple deliberately slows down older models of its i Phones to encourage users to buy a new release.The i Phone does have a slow motion feature, which may explain some of the searches (pictured), however a closer look at the top terms showed that 'i Phone is slow' was the most commonly searched phrase.These search terms also show the phenomenon was seen most on the i Phone 4, i Phone 5 and then the i Phone 6In a blog post he said: 'Many of us know the feeling: one day we're perfectly happy with the smartphone we've been using for the past 12 months, the next day, after we've seen a colleague showing off his new gadget, ours suddenly feels inadequate, bulky and slow.

The app also offers the chance to browse profiles in your area, and judging by the short bios some users have written (“no nudes plz”; “don’t message me if your [sic] 50”) this feature can be a magnet for creeps.

What’s worse is that Meow Chat has ‘gamified’ attention on the app, offering users a Meow Chat score that doles out points when their pictures get ‘favourited’ or when they invite all their Facebook friends to install Meow Chat.

This last mechanism is probably why the app has gotten so popular so suddenly, with users spamming each other to earn ‘Meow Points’.

Under the new plans, when an app is downloaded from the App Store, the app recognises which phone it is being installed onto and only pulls in the files and code it needs to work on that particular device.

Apple is developing technology that transforms your i Phone into a Mac Book.