Andrew cuomo and sandra lee dating

Two years ago, the weeklies reported that Jolie had followed Lee's birthday-cake recipe for her son Maddox, then 8. I'm going to the grocery store, and I'm telling people exactly what to buy."And so her concept of "semi-homemade" was hatched.

And then in 2005, Lee met the man who would become the governor.Even her public support of gay rights (she has a gay brother) came years before she was dating the governor, of whom she says she is "very proud" for getting New York's gay-marriage bill passed this year."I think that this is a tandem play,"says Lee,"and I have absolutely no design to step over there" into Cuomo's territory. Meanwhile, she says, "I feel like I can handle my own, and I feel completely equal.""When and if that time comes up" to marry, Lee says, "we'll do it, but right now everything is just good." In their free time, they ride around on his Harley-Davidson. Her cooking style is unapologetically user-friendly. Products like Jiffy corn-muffin mix, Cool Whip, and canned frosting are among the recommended ingredients.Photographed by Douglas Friedman Opinionated celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has been scathing in his attacks on Lee, declaring a TV segment where she made a "Kwanzaa cake" out of packaged foods "eye searing." Lee, unfazed, says she doesn't think Bourdain actually believes what he says.