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Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, if it’s upon arising before coffee…

There are those rabid Duggar supporters on online that refuse to accept that TLC’s Duggar family might practice any harmful theology, But those of us who have been involved in the Quiverfull world for ages know this is just not so.

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Most intriguingly, the sample-specific maximum apparent ages cluster between 1.0 and 1.22 Ga for the phlogopites with the least disturbed age spectra.The range in age obtained via the laser fusion technique and with conventional stepwise heating technique agrees with each other, as well as with literature data.The often inferred presence of excess Ar in those phlogopites cannot explain the coherent age pattern in the large suite of samples.The entire idea of providing an official church nursery varies so widely from place to place.The role of children in the church itself is a hard one….