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Each basin episode records a three-stage evolution consisting of crustal uplift, fault-controlled subsidence, and long periods of regional subsidence largely unaccompanied by faulting or erosional truncation.

The large-scale episodes of subsidence were probably the result of lithospheric deflection due to subduction-driven mantle flow.

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Deformation was partitioned into basement-involved strike-slip faults and thin-skinned thrusting.

Uplift of the Namaqua basement resulted in erosion of the Beaufort cover.

The Permian Ecca and lower Beaufort groups were deposited in a southward-deepening ramp syncline by extensional decoupling on the intra-crustal décollement.

Reflection seismic and deep-burial diagenetic studies indicate that the Cape orogeny started in the Early Triassic.

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