College campus dating service

The stereotype of online daters as social recluses eating fast food as they hunch over a computer monitor and talk to strangers thousands of miles away still lingers in the public eye.

The history of online dating plays a large role in the development of this negative perception of the practice.

Roberts ’13-’14, an inactive Crimson News editor and former Ok Cupid user.

“People are in long-term relationships or people hook up a few times and then it’s over, and there’s really no in-between.” Whether in response to a limited dating scene or simply as a means of meeting people outside the Harvard bubble, Harvard students are increasingly turning to online dating as an alternative—a way to supplement their sexual and romantic lives.

“There’s probably less social spaces to meet people.

It seems classes or extracurriculars are your only option, while other universities have more of a common meeting area,” remarks Earle J.

The rise of college-oriented online dating sites, some students say, is symptomatic of a student population that is frustrated with the social options on campus.

If you were single in the 90s, you were cool, and you probably didn’t use the Internet or online date.” Additionally, there exists an expectation that finding a significant other should be relatively easy in a college environment, where one is constantly surrounded by one’s peers.

“Online dating here has become a sign of desperation.

Online dating provides students with the opportunity to look beyond the physical Harvard campus for everything from a one-night stand to a long, dreamy courtship.

Whether dating across campuses or meeting young professionals, students find that these tools have proved invaluable in enlarging their social networks.