Telugu sex came

If they wanted to survive, they should make "sacrifices" in the form of donations.Banda's Savita, who alleges she was raped by Dixit while being a sevadar (servant) at his ashram, sold off 10 bighas and donated Rs 10 lakh.The Foundation for Social Empowerment helped them call a PCR.A subsequent raid on December 19 revealed that 50 women were being held inside the Rohini ashram.Savita, whose daughter was one of the behens, said the girls were woken up at 2-am to listen to Dixit's sermons blaring from TV sets.They were asked to stare at his image and sit for a couple of hours in "dhyaan".

His daughter is still untraceable, and the police has registered a FIR in the case.

Parents could only meet their daughters in a large hall in the company of several people after a minimum wait of a few hours.

One family shifted from Telangana to Delhi to be able to see their daughter more often but managed to gain access to her only two-three times in two years.

They say their daughter disappeared mysteriously in July 2015 from the US where she was working as a researcher.

The lid blew on the goings-on in the ashram only after a family from Rajasthan's Jhunjhunu insisted on meeting their daughter in November 2017.