Telugu sex came

PLAYING 'KRISHNA' TO RANIS Older men and women were given sevadar duty and formed the outer cordon.

They had no access to the 'behens' and 'matas' who were kept behind locked doors.

The disciples would then go to a seven-day meditation camp where they would listen to Dixit's sermons.

Many of them came back convinced he was the real Mc Coy.

They say their daughter disappeared mysteriously in July 2015 from the US where she was working as a researcher.

The lid blew on the goings-on in the ashram only after a family from Rajasthan's Jhunjhunu insisted on meeting their daughter in November 2017.

The Foundation for Social Empowerment helped them call a PCR.

A subsequent raid on December 19 revealed that 50 women were being held inside the Rohini ashram.

These agents would gradually introduce the followers to the idea that the soul of Brahma Kumari founder Lekhraj Kripalani had transferred to Dixit.

Parents could only meet their daughters in a large hall in the company of several people after a minimum wait of a few hours.

One family shifted from Telangana to Delhi to be able to see their daughter more often but managed to gain access to her only two-three times in two years.

The MODUS OPERANDI Dixit's MO was quite simple but still people fell for it.

Followers were told that he was God, and that the world would come to an end in 2020.