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Every aspect of them is geared towards advancing the views of the author.

The presence of such characters is often jarring and sometimes offensive to people who actually hold the beliefs that are being misrepresented; in addition, strawmen are very ineffective tools to convert or convince people of opposing beliefs and tend to encourage Confirmation Bias.

, a debater constructs a weakened or just plain unrecognizable form of an opponent's argument, and in defeating it, acts like he has defeated the real argument.

This is likened to attacking a dummy made out of straw that can't fight back.

If the strawman actually makes a good point that the author didn't intend it's a case of Strawman Has a Point.

Compare and contrast with Deliberately Bad Example, where a character's purpose is to make a sympathetic character look better in comparison regarding a potentially touchy subject.

In some instances they'll go completely silent or avert their gaze, presumably rendered mute/ashamed by the author's "truth".

Characters of this type are extremely one-dimensional.

This is especially annoying when a normal member of the cast suddenly breaks the flow of the story to get on a soap box and deliver An Aesop.Finally, characters literally made of straw are Scary Scarecrows.LOOKING FOR A DYNAMIC BILINGUAL PERSON TO ESTABLISH AN ON -LINE FLOORING DIVISION FOR A WELL KNOWN FLOORING RETAILIER IN CARPETING , WOOD FLOORS, AND AREA RUGS . In particular, it explores sexual attraction, desire, and mate selection as evolutionary adaptations just as necessary to species survival as sweating to cope with summer heat or shivering in response to winter cold.Sex differences in mating strategies are described as part of this evolutionary adaptation, and recent research findings are summarized that demonstrate how these strategies explain contemporary sexual and reproductive behavior in Western societies today, as they do sexual behavior in the past or across diverse cultures.