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But the pair said their vows in front of their loved ones, with Andrea paying tribute to Nick online before the ceremony.These days she is known best for being the anchor of Loose Women.We’ve already covered spiritualism, and the fact her granny was a mainstay of the spiritualist church in Dundee, but that’s another topic she’s slightly nervous about discussing. Since its launch in 1999, Loose Women has become something of a legend in its own lunchtime.“Hey, I’ve got a tour and an album going on,” she laughs, reminding me we’re here to discuss the 40 dates that will see her singing her mix of lounge pop standards and powerhouse ballads to fans aged “nine to 90” from Aberdeen to Truro and everywhere in between. At its height, audiences topped two million, tuning in to watch a bunch of strong women with opinions discussing the topics of the day and interviewing celebrities.

She says of the investigation: “For the record, it was my decision to ask the police to drop their inquiry into Mr Evans.

I saw communities die because the backbone was ripped out of them.” Peter Mc Donald was originally from Fife while the singer’s mother, Jean Ferguson, hailed from Coatbridge, so Mc Donald counts herself Scottish, despite being born in the family home in Wakefield, where she still lives. My aunt came down first with her husband and told my mum there was plenty of work in Wakefield.

My dad was going to go to Australia, but mum said no, we’ll go to Wakefield. “I don’t want to lose Scotland because I’m Scottish and for me it’s a personal thing, but I totally understand people who do want to be separate.

Andrea looked glamorous in a white lacy wedding dress with her dark hair worn loose around her shoulders while Nick is dapper in a dark suit and tie.

Before she announced their engagement, Andrea admitted she never thought she would find love and vowed never to walk down the aisle again.