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“If nothing else, I should get points for daring — and so should Mary.” Duff notes that many fans objected to the one-two punch of cancellation — announced in October — followed by Raydor’s death, but he makes clear that the former was TNT’s call, not his. Louie Provenza for 13 years on both “The Closer” and “Major Crimes,” is more direct about the franchise’s end. I am not.” Instead of losing sleep himself, Duff wants “to end the show with a bang” that he hopes will satisfy fans.“The emotional reactions indicate how engaged people were with the show. “There is no question they [TNT] wanted to kill the show. That includes bringing back elusive serial killer Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke), who continues to target Raydor’s adopted son, former hustler Rusty Beck (Graham Patrick Martin), a witness to Stroh’s murderous ways dating back to “The Closer’s” series finale.Using phase equilibrium- and geothermobarometric calculations, PT conditions of 560–610 °C/5.8–7.0 kbar and 610–675 °C/4.6–6.5 kbar were calculated respectively for both amphibolite facies assemblages.The early Paleozoic ages of 422–425 Ma and 455–460 Ma were detected in 8 monazite grains from the investigated paragneiss samples.similar to the age of the Jinning orogeny in the Yangtze block of southern China.This correlation suggests that the paragneiss has affinities with the Yangtze block (South China block).We conclude therefore that the mineral assemblage of the kyanite/sillimanite-bearing garnet–biotite gneiss (and associated retro-eclogite) was formed during an early Paleozoic subduction/collision event, which involved late Proterozoic (938–945 Ma) crystalline basement inliers of minimal mid amphibolite facies grade.Early Paleozoic deep subduction towards (U)HP depths occurred around 455–460 Ma followed by retrograde amphibolite facies metamorphism at 422–425 Ma during exhumation.► The first report of Neoproterozoic metamorphic ages by in-situ U-Th-Pb monazite dating and combined SHRIMP zircon analysis.

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Alternatively, the 455–460 Ma monazite ages are interpreted to represent the age of the prograde subduction zone metamorphism.

Wasch- und Pflegeprodukte aus Hausmitteln Es ist ein Irrglaube, dass nur ein kostspieliges Shampoo aus der Drogerie oder dem Friseur-Salon eine effektive Reinigungs- und Pflegewirkung hat.

In-situ electron microprobe (EMP) U–Th–Pb monazite-, sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe (SHRIMP) zircon analyses, metamorphic phase equilibrium (Domino/Theriak)- and geothermobarometric calculations are performed on kyanite/sillimanite-bearing garnet biotite gneisses forming part of the dominant rock association in the Xitieshan ultra-high pressure metamorphic belt, north Qaidam, western China.

► Two metamorphic stages have been proposed in Xitieshan terrane and their protoliths should be originated from Yangtze block.

► The polyphase metamorphic evolution of paragneisses has been proposed based on the phase equilibrium PT calculation.