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So when something "warms the cockles of our heart", it is a reference to something pleasant that makes our heart beat faster and makes us feel good.It is probably also the origin of the saying that something gives us that "warm and fuzzy feeling".A zero is the only score a cricketer can make which has become symbolised.The legend started when 0's resemblance to a duck's egg prompted a rural barracker to quack at a blushing batsman.You can see 1 to 2 kilometres through mist, but less than 1 kilometre through fog.David Mc Kay, Bathurst Fog means that visibility is reduced to under one kilometre.Tables need to be square to help the man of the family identify the head of the table so that he can sit there and proclaim his dominance (an idea King Arthur tried to avoid by choosing a round table); placemats are square because they dont know any better; plates are round to keep steaks from feeling more important than green peas.

Heidi Regan, Annandale Why is it that tables and placemats are square but plates are round?I seem to remember being told that 'cockles' referred to the 'ear-like' appendages on the human heart called auricles (Latin for 'ears').There are left and right auricles (now referred to as atrial appendages) which are continuous with the left atrium and right atrium (the upper chambers of the heart) respectively.If visibility is reduced but it is still greater than 1000 metres it's a mist, but if it is less than 1000 metres then it's a fog.It has nothing to do with droplet size, formation mechanism or anything else.