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Keep your valuables out of sight and close to you at all times.

You're advised to stay away from the inner city areas of Kingston and New Kingston and avoid wandering around alone at night in Ochos Rios, Montego Bay and Negril.

Criminals have been known to smuggle drugs anyway they can, including through the use of unsuspecting tourists, so be very careful to keep your bags and belongings with you at all times.

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Most resorts provide safes so you can store items of value in your room, which is obviously recommended. Keep in mind that while most thefts are non-violent in nature that could change quickly if you resist.

If you do happen to be held up, by all means hand over whatever it is the thief wants and get away safely.

There are plenty of safe places to visit within the country and as long as you use your common sense and know what things to watch for and avoid, you will enjoy an amazing and unforgettable trip. It offers distinct traditions, delicious cuisine, and unique handcrafted art – not to mention the breathtaking landscape and inviting climate.

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