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For instance, before a pregnancy is commissioned, a contract is signed between the parties involved.

However, according to a study published in 2014 by the Centre for Social Research (CSR), an NGO dealing with women’s issues, 88 per cent of surrogate mothers in Delhi and 76 per cent in Mumbai did not know the terms of their contract.

To cash in on this trend, infertility centres and clinics are looping in surrogacy consultants to find suitable women who can rent out their wombs for a fee.

Also, users of these corridors are going to be the first to experience the brand new ‘driverless’ trains.

The Magenta and Pink Lines will be the first ones to have driverless trains.

According to the latest Phase-III status report, the date for Nizamuddin to IP Extension section will be worked out after resettlement and rehabilitation issues at Trilokpuri are settled.

The problems with commercial surrogacy in India are both ethical and legal.

The absence of regulation raises the spectre of a surrogacy black market, selling of babies and even questions of legal rights of a surrogate mother and the baby.