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Anyone who ever met or knew Roddy, instantly recognised this man's passion for rock music. This is a fantastic moment for people to come together and show their support, as he'll be so sorely missed from the stages of the North East.All proceeds going to The Roddy B Fund to be distributed as bursaries to young musicians.

He further wrote that those who desire to get married are not sinning, although he wished that they were as he was–that is, so filled with the desire of the work of the Lord that their sexual urges were greatly minimized or even completely done away.

----------------------------------------------- Just heard (thanks Jeff) that The Riverside Morpeth is shut.

They have, apparently, informed relevant bands of the situation, which is greatly appreciated.

But Dave from High Howden Social Club has pointed out that it is sometimes beneficial for punters to arrive early, as sometimes their 'headline' gig nights fill up fast.

So, take note of the start times, but if you really want to make sure you are there in good time for your fave band then yes, by all means, get there early.