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The two went their separate ways after breaking up, which culminated in them seeing other people.

Jackson started a relationship with the new intern, Stephanie, after hooking up in a car during Bailey's wedding.

The lead male character, he is known for his complicated love life.

He steps down as Chief of Surgery in Season 8, although because he has been chief for so long, the residents still call him "Chief." In the Season 9 premiere, it is Dr. Owen and Teddy eventually make up in the season finale. He develops a crush on Cristina and, while inebriated at a party, he kisses her, but Cristina breaks the kiss. Shepherd from the monitors in order to make everyone believe that he is dead until Mr. Though he was offered a position as surgical fellow at Tulane Medical Center, Jackson decides to stay in Seattle.

At the end of Season 8, he starts having sex with his best friend April Kepner, but their relationship is complicated.

He has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with Richard Webber, whom he believes isn't governing the hospital appropriately.

He takes over as the Chief of Surgery after going to the hospital board about Chief Webber's drinking problem.