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nearly everything about Raj Kundra shouts "eligible".Raj, meanwhile, already has a financial toehold in the Bollywood film industry. Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch Shilpa Shetty's new year video message to Mail on Sunday readers...I have been away from home, in a foreign country and I haven't had a boyfriend for a very long time. Magazines are always saying I am beautiful and millions of men want to woo me, but none has come forward because they are all so scared."I can go to a party and sense that men really like me but they are in awe of me and won't come and ask me for a date.

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Time after time she has refused to comment about her handsome shadow, save to issue firm denials."I was really upset by what she said," says Shilpa."She knew very well that I didn't even know her husband when she walked out on him."I didn't even know him when I went into Big Brother.Being an Indian actress is bad enough but now I'm a celebrity in the UK it's too much.It would take a really secure man to handle the media attention.